An online data collection and storage solution for outsourced processing of your small business customers. 

Benefits to Accountants

Smart, Innovative and Online

Finstat has developed a simple and user-friendly online, cloud based data collection interface, which can be rebranded and integrated onto your website. It provides your accounting practice with an online solution quickly, and cost effectively.

Your clients can input data whenever and wherever they want. There’s a help desk to assist them and there’s no time pressure to have all the information at once. When they’re ready, they press submit which signals the start of the processing.

Yes to smart, efficient data collation and storage
No to paper questionnaires, chasing clients for information, wasting valuable time

Fixed Price, Low Cost Processing

From the moment the client hits submit, the clock starts and Finstat will collate all the data required for the production of the financial statements and tax returns, do the processing and send draft financial statements and tax returns back to you for a final review within 21 days (client permitting).

They will already have gone through a rigorous internal review process – but you have the final chance to review.

Yes to fast, quality processing
No to workflow hassles, team members calling in sick and low value work, taking up your time and preventing business growth

Move Up the Value Chain

We look after your low value, compliance clients. You keep the client relationships, but are free to concentrate on providing high value business advice and growing your business.

Yes to high value work and increased profit per employee
No to unseen costs and unprofitable, commoditised work

How does this work?

Your Branding

Our software is integrated with your website so that clients can log in and input data and review and retrieve their financial statements and tax returns all in one place. The software is branded with your business logo. All your client data is held in its own separate database and backed up on an hourly basis.

Client Data Collection

From our software we can access the client information and prepare financial statements and tax returns at a fixed cost to you. Our software collects all the information required from the IRD that isn’t provided from other accounting software packages (Xero, MYOB) or from spreadsheets. We combine this information with the financial information from these sources to create a complete set of accounts which can then be electronically filed with the IRD.